The Second Workshop on Knowledge Graphs and Semantics for Text Retrieval, Analysis, and Understanding (KG4IR)

Semantic technologies such as controlled vocabularies, thesauri, and knowledge graphs have been used throughout the history of information retrieval for a variety of tasks. Recent advances in knowledge acquisition, alignment, and utilization have given rise to a body of new approaches for utilizing knowledge graphs in text retrieval tasks and it is therefore time to consolidate the community efforts and study how such technologies can be employed in information retrieval systems in the most effective way. It is also time to start and deepen the dialogue between researchers and practitioners in order to ensure that breakthroughs, technologies, and algorithms in this space are widely disseminated. The goal of this workshop, co-located with SIGIR 2018, is to bring together and grow a community of researchers and practitioners who are interested in using, aligning, and constructing knowledge graphs and similar semantic resources for information retrieval applications. See for more info.

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