Semantic disclosure in an e-Science environment

Annals of Information Systems

The Virtual Laboratory for e-Science (VL-e) project serves as a backdrop for the ideas described in this chapter. VL-e is a project with academic and industrial partners where e-science has been applied to several domains of scientific research. Adaptive Information Disclosure (AID), a subprogram within VL-e, is a multi-disciplinary group that concentrates expertise in information extraction, machine learning, and Semantic Web – a powerful combination of technologies that can be used to extract and store knowledge in a Semantic Web framework. In this chapter, the authors explain what “semantic disclosure” means and how it is essential to knowledge sharing in e-Science. The authors describe several Semantic Web applications and how they were built using components of the AIDA Toolkit (AID Application Toolkit). The lessons learned and the future of e-Science are also discussed.

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