Proceedings of the KG-BIAS Workshop 2020 at AKBC 2020

The KG-BIAS 2020 workshop touches on biases and how they surface in knowledge graphs (KGs), biases in the source data that is used to create KGs, methods for measuring or remediating bias in KGs, but also identifying other biases such as how and which languages are represented in automatically constructed KGs or how personal KGs might incur inherent biases. The goal of this workshop is to uncover how various types of biases are introduced into KGs, investigate how to measure, and propose methods to remediate them.

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Dir 2011 – Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop

DIR 2011, the 11th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop, was organized by the Information and Language Processing group (ILPS) of the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI). Two types of submissions were accepted for the workshop: research papers describing original research, compressed contributions presenting a sum- mary of previously published work, and demonstrations.

There were many people who helped organize DIR 2011, making it a success. We would like to thank them all. In particular, we are gratefull to our keynote speakers, Nick Belkin (Rutgers University) and Gabriella Kazai (Microsoft Research).

  • [PDF] Dir 2011 – dutch-belgian information retrieval workshop, 2011.
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