Concept models for domain-specific search

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We describe our participation in the 2008 CLEF Domain-specific track. We evaluate blind relevance feedback models and concept models on the CLEF domain-specific test collection. Applying relevance modeling techniques is found to have a positive effect on the 2008 topic set, in terms of mean average precision and precision@10. Applying concept models for blind relevance feedback, results in even bigger improvements over a query-likelihood baseline, in terms of mean average precision and early precision.

  • [PDF] E. Meij and M. de Rijke, “Concept models for domain-specific search,” in Evaluating systems for multilingual and multimodal information access, 9th workshop of the cross-language evaluation forum, clef 2008, aarhus, denmark, september 17-19, 2008, revised selected papers, 2009.
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