Entity Linking and Retrieval Tutorial – Slides, Code, and Bibliography

The material for our “Entity Linking and Retrieval” tutorial (with Krisztian Balog and Daan Odijk) for WWW2013 is now available online on GitHub, Mendeley, and CodeAcademy. All material is summarized at the webpage for the tutorial: http://ejmeij.github.io/entity-linking-and-retrieval-tutorial/. See my other blogpost for a brief summary.

Hadoop code for TREC KBA

I’ve decided to put some of the Hadoop code I developed for the TREC KBA task online. It’s available on Github: https://github.com/ejmeij/trec-kba. In particular, it provides classes to read/write topic files, read/write run files, and expose the documents in the Thrift files as Hadoop-readable objects (‘ThriftFileInputFormat’) to be used as input to mappers. I obviously also…
linking open data datasets

Zoekmachines van de toekomst

Er bestaat enige discussie over wat de logische opvolger zal zijn van web 2.0, waarin user-generated content, het delen van informatie en interoperabiliteit centraal stonden. Hoewel meer ideeën de ronde doen, is er veel steun voor het idee web 3.0 gelijk te stellen aan het semantische web. Het sturende idee…
Research on Twitter

Adding Semantics to Microblog Posts

Microblogs have become an important source of information for marketing, intelligence, and reputation management purposes. Streams of microblogs are of great value because of their direct and real-time nature. Determining what an individual microblog post is about, however, can be non-trivial because of creative language usage, the highly contextualized and…
Research on Twitter

Dataset for “Adding Semantics to Microblog Posts”

As promised, I’m releasing the dataset used for my WSDM paper, Adding Semantics to Microblog Posts (with Wouter Weerkamp and Maarten de Rijke). In the paper, we evaluate various methods for automatically identifying concepts (in the form of Wikipedia articles) that are contained in or meant by a tweet. This…