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The University of Amsterdam at the CLEF 2008 Domain Specific Track – Parsimonious Relevance and Concept Models

We describe our participation in the CLEF 2008 Domain Specific track. The research questions we address are threefold: (i) what are the effects of estimating and applying relevance models to the domain specific collection used at CLEF 2008, (ii) what are the results of parsimonizing these relevance models, and (iii) what are the results of applying concept models for blind relevance feedback? Parsimonization is a technique by which the term probabilities in a language model may be re-estimated based on a comparison with a reference model, making the resulting model more sparse and to the point. Concept models are term distributions over vocabulary terms, based on the language associated with concepts in a thesaurus or ontology and are estimated using the documents which are annotated with concepts. Concept models may be used for blind relevance feedback, by first translating a query to concepts and then back to query terms. We find that applying relevance models helps significantly for the current test collection, in terms of both mean average precision and early precision. Moreover, parsimonizing the relevance models helps mean average precision on title-only queries and early precision on title+narrative queries. Our concept models are able to significantly outperform a baseline query-likelihood run, both in terms of mean average precision and early precision on both title-only and title+narrative queries.

  • [PDF] E. Meij and M. de Rijke, “The University of Amsterdam at the CLEF 2008 Domain Specific Track – parsimonious relevance and concept models,” in Working notes for the clef 2008 workshop, 2008.
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