The University of Amsterdam at Trec 2010: Session, Entity, and Relevance Feedback

We describe the participation of the University of Amsterdam’s ILPS group in the session, entity, and relevance feedback track at TREC 2010. In the Session Track we explore the use of blind relevance feedback to bias a follow-up query towards or against the topics covered in documents returned to the user in response to the original query. In the Entity Track REF task we experiment with a window size parameter to limit the amount of context considered by the entity co-occurrence models and explore the use of Freebase for type filtering, entity normalization and homepage finding. In the ELC task we use an approach that uses the number of links shared between candidate and example entities to rank candidates. In the Relevance Feedback Track we experiment with a novel model that uses Wikipedia to expand the query language model.

  • [PDF] M. Bron, J. He, K. Hofmann, E. Meij, M. de Rijke, E. Tsagkias, and W. Weerkamp, “The University of Amsterdam at TREC 2010: session, entity, and relevance feedback,” in The nineteenth text retrieval conference, 2011.
    Abstract = {We describe the participation of the University of Amsterdam's Intelligent Systems Lab in the web track at TREC 2009. We participated in the adhoc and diversity task. We find that spam is an important issue in the ad hoc task and that Wikipedia-based heuristic optimization approaches help to boost the retrieval performance, which is assumed to potentially reduce spam in the top ranked results. As for the diversity task, we explored different methods. Clustering and a topic model-based approach have a similar performance and both are relatively better than a query log based approach.},
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Dir 2011 – Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop

DIR 2011, the 11th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop, was organized by the Information and Language Processing group (ILPS) of the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI). Two types of submissions were accepted for the workshop: research papers describing original research, compressed contributions presenting a sum- mary of previously published work, and demonstrations.

There were many people who helped organize DIR 2011, making it a success. We would like to thank them all. In particular, we are gratefull to our keynote speakers, Nick Belkin (Rutgers University) and Gabriella Kazai (Microsoft Research).

  • [PDF] Dir 2011 – dutch-belgian information retrieval workshop, 2011.
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